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We are writing our blogs on WordPress & related articles especially for beginners, also for advanced level users. Always trying to write our article simple, add quality content and well designed so that our reader can easily understand & learn wordpress tutorial in a new way.

  • Creating a profitable blog for readers
  • Help you to understand easily
  • Making yourself a professional person
  • Giving a platform to write your article
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Everybody wants to learn something new every day, that’s why we create this platform to share your experiences, knowledge & ideas anywhere in the world with us.

Also help you to polish and develop your writing so that you can improve yourself in the future. We believe that every human being has their own different ideas & observations. We want that in one place & help each others to learn wordpress. WordPress

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Let’s start writing and create your own blog with us. We give you a platform for doing a  guest post and share ideas with others and help others to grow.

My Story

Hello! I am Manash Malakar, Web & Graphic designer. In spite of that, here sharing my knowledge and experiences in WordPress and give you cool tips & tricks.

Also, a founder of this Crafts Blog site. Through my blogging, I want to help you to build a successful person in this blogging field not only by creating a blog but also help you to grow your website and convert it in the profitable venture.

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manash- founder of crafts blog

Best services we recommend for your business

Siteground, Elementor & GeneratePress are the most popular web building tools to build your WordPress website & most recommended by successful business owners. These tools help you to build you a professional one and as well as grow your online business.

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