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Best Image Optimization Plugin WordPress 2020

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Best Image Optimization Plugin WordPress 2020: Is your site slow due to heavy image file size? Don’t worry! I am sharing with you the 5 best image optimization plugin WordPress 2020 to speed up your WordPress website.

Also, I am showing you the process of how to reduce image size online for your website, social media, etc.

Most people make the mistake of uploading their pictures to their website without compressing them. Especially beginners don’t give it much importance on this WordPress image optimization topic the first time and they make mistakes there.

As a result, the site is running slow and they lost their visitors, as well as increase the bounce rate of their website.

For example, if you have hosted an image website or writing blog posts on your website, there are lots of pictures you are used for your image website or blog posts. So that you have to know the process of image optimization to increase your website speed.

Similarly, you can reduce image size for any purpose like sending a fast email, quick upload your image in social media or an online photo gallery, etc.

Today I am helping those beginners who not to do again these mistakes. There are several ways to optimize images for your WordPress website. So, I am sharing the best image optimization plugin WordPress 2020 with you and all the ways and processes within this post.

Why is it important to optimize or reduce image size?

Previously, I have already told that if you hosted a website or you want to write blog posts for your website, lots of photos are needed and those images have to be optimized.

Because if you don’t optimize your images, you don’t rank in Google SEO. So the main reason to optimize your images is to take up lesser space, faster site and also for better ranking in the Google SEO.

If you are downloading HD images from free image sites like Pixabay, Pexels or Unsplash to use them or download the graphic design images for your blog posts, those images are high-resolution images and their sizes are in Megabyte (MB).

So, if you are using those images for your blog post and not optimized then your site will be slow down.

Similarly, those high-resolution images are also 4000 pixels wide and 3000 pixels height. By reducing the size of these high-resolution images as well as resizing of these images are also important.

You can resize and reduce image size directly from your WordPress. Let’s see how I do it?

Resize & reduce the image size in WordPress

resize image in wordpress
— Reduce Image Size in WordPress

Choose your image which you want to resize from the media library. As you see on the above screenshot file size is 325KB and the dimension is 1920 w x 1200 h. Now I am going to change the dimension as well as reduce the file size of this image. Click on Edit image.

change dimension in wordpress edit image

After that, this page will open in front of you. From here, you can change the dimension of your image from the left-hand side. Just enter your image width then it automatically chooses the height of your image. Then click on Scale. After that, Clik on Update.

As you can see on the above screenshot, it reduces the image file size from 325 KB to 54 KB as well as resize the dimension from 1920h x 1200w to 800h x 500w of this image.

From the beginning of this article, as I mention that speed matters for your website and your blog posts. In fact, studies have shown that over 53% of mobile users will leave the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

If you have a responsive website then I recommend you to analyze your site speed with Google’s page speed insight tool. It analyzes the Mobile and Desktop version both and gives you a detailed report.

If you want to specifically check your site speed for mobile version then test it with Google’s “Test my site” tool. It indicates you how fast your site loads and try to load your site within the 3 seconds.

How to resize & reduce image size with the Online tool?

These online tools are very helpful to reduce and resize your images. These tools help you to save your webspace as well as make your website fast. Here I am covering all the process, let’s see…

1. TinyPNG

tiny png- reduce image size online

TinyPNG is a popular site for compressing your image file size both JPG and PNG files. It compresses your maximum image file size based on the resolution of your image. But the quality of the image remains the same as your original image shows.

But there are some Pros & Cons in the free plan.


  • You can upload 20 images at a time in this free plan,
  • They have also Photoshop plugin for compressing your image directly from the Photoshop, but this is a paid plugin ($65),
  • In this free plan, you can download the WordPress plugin, 500 images compressed every month for free. Install that plugin to your WordPress and connect it with the TingPNG account with your API key. This is also the best image optimization plugin WordPress 2020.


  • The upload file size is only 5 MB, not more than that in the free plan.
  • Compress only JPG and PNG images.
  • You can’t change manually anything here.

2. Toolur

Toolur is also a great tool to compress your image file size as well as resize your images. Here you can also compress your JPEG, PNG & BMP format image files.

Toolur- redice image size online

Here you upload your image then select the Compression method. You can see that there is “A” to “G” compression method. By default, it is selected the “C” method, but you can change them within the method A to E & after that, select the image quality (%) as per your choice. Also if you want not to change the quality of your image then select the F or G method.

You can play with these methods and see what compresses well without losing the quality. But my recommendation is that select within the D or E method and select the image quality 50 – 80%.

As you can see in the above screenshot, there are various compression image sizes based on the various methods and various image quality. You can change as per your requirement.


  • You can upload up to 25 images, 0 – 30MB per file & 0 – 50MP per image at a time,
  • Manually decrease/increase the image quality,
  • Compress the JPEG, PNG and BMP image files,
  • Convert any WebP to JPG, PNG image format and also convert JPG, PNG to WebP image format,
  • You can convert any PNG to JPG image format,
  • Here you can manually change the dimension of your images.


  • If you select the lossless method, you can’t change the image quality manually.
  • They do not provide any API key,
  • They have no WordPress plugin.

Best Image Optimization Plugin WordPress 2020:

If you are hosted a WordPress website, then the good news is there are lots of best image optimization plugin WordPress 2020 available in the online market. Also, these plugins have the Free plan and the Paid plans both.

If you are a small or medium-sized blog writer then you may go with the free plan but if you are a medium or large-sized blog writer then must have to purchase the paid plans because if your blog loads faster then your readers will happy and also ranking faster in google equals to more conversions & earn more money.

I am trying to put as much as possible to give you more important points regarding these image optimization plugins. After my practical usage, I recommend the below mention Best Image Optimization Plugin WordPress 2020.

1. ShortPixel

Shorpixel image optimizer is a modern image compression plugin for a WordPress website and the best image optimization plugin WordPress 2020. It saves lots of space & it improves your website performance. It supports JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF & WebP file formats. WebP is a new image file format for improved compression but it is not globally supported by browsers yet.

ShortPixel- Best Image Optimization Plugin WordPress 2020

👉 How to use ShortPizel Image Optimizer plugin- Video Tutorial


  • It supports Lossy and Lossless Optimisation,
  • Support JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF & WebP file formats,
  • Restore original image file size anytime,
  • No file size limit,
  • Optimize 100 images free every month with free signup, also optimize 10,000 images every month with a one-time payment of 9.99$,
  • Bulk Image Optimization,
  • Run this plugin to multiple websites with one license key.

Pricing Plan:

shortpixel pricing plan

2. Imagekit.io

Imgakit.io is another best image optimization plugin WordPress 2020. It is a little different than other WordPress image optimization plugin. Want to know how?

imagekit.io- wordpress image optimization plugin

They have their own server to store all the images. It is also a CDN (Content Data Network) for images. Upload your images up to 20GB every month into Imagekit.io’s media library and automatically it generates a URL of your image for every picture as like WordPress media library does, like this:


But here, image URL has been changed to Imagekit.io’s own directory, like this:


This can help blog users and photographers who use lots of images for their blog posts and it saves lots of space of your WordPress website.

If you are serious about blogging then I would recommend you to go to upgrade your plan from Free to Premium, signup here.

Let’s see the pricing plans of imagekit.io:

reduce image size- imagekit.io_pricing plan

They charged $39 for 40GB per month.


  • It supports JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG & WebP file formats,
  • Deliver the responsive images perfect for each device,
  • Automatic resizing and lighter images
  • Use 20GB space per month in the free plan,
  • Imagekit.io comes with an integrated CDN to speed up image delivery,
  • Download the Imagekit plugin for your WordPress website. Read the doc for setting up your Imagekit plugin.

3. Imagify

Imagify- wordpress image compression plugin

Imagify is an image optimization plugin that has people in WPRocket behind the development. This is the third-best image optimization plugin WordPress 2020.

You can find the essential features like others such as bulk image library optimization, Resize images, & also keep or delete your image Exifs (Meta data in images).

There are 3 different levels to compress your images:

  1. Normal: It means a lossless compression of your image. If you select Normal then it won’t change the quality of your image.
  2. Aggressive: It means a lossy compression of your image. If you select Aggressive then it little bit loss the quality than Normal. But it is not noticeable.
  3. Ultra: This is a very hard compression process of your images and it loses more image quality than lossy compression.
    • Sidenote: You can restore your compressed images to original images at any time by the backup option of this plugin and then choose your compression level and do this process again.


  • It supports JPGs, PNGs & GIFs formats up to 2MB image file size in the free plan,
  • You can resize your images with a specific dimension,
  • Resize based on values in pixels or in percentage both,
  • In Free plan, you can compress your images up to 25 MB/month,
  • Presently it supports WordPress only and soon it will support PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify, and Joomla,
  • Download free plugin for your WordPress website.


  • It does not support the WebP, TIF image format,
  • After 2MB image file size, you have to pay the extra money.

Pricing plan:

It starts with a Lite plan that gives 1GB of data per month at $ 4.99/month.

Installation Process: You will do the same as the plugin you uploaded before, just generate the API key and paste it in WordPress by going to the plugin settings in Emagify.

4. reSmush.it

reSmush.it- wordpress image optimization plugin

reSmush.it is a very userfriendly image optimization plugin for your WordPress website. It is totally free of cost. Its interface is very simple to understand. It also the best image optimization plugin WordPress 2020.

You can compress your images together with bulk optimization features and you can increase or decrease the image quality from settings of these plugins as you need them. Go to Media > reSmush.it > Settings (on the right-hand side) > Save the changes (if any).


  • It supports the PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, and TIF image format,
  • It removes the Exif data of your images at the time of compressing but it preserved the original data,
  • Control the image quality as per your choice,
  • Restore your original image by clicking on Disable of reSmush.it option,
  • It compresses up to 5MB/ image in this free plan,
  • You can also optimize your images at the time of upload,
  • No monthly subscription needed,
  • There is no limitation of the number of image files or image file size,
  • It supports the WordPress, Drupal or Magento.


  • It does not support the modern image format such as WebP,
  • Limitation in image file size,
  • It doesn’t have a different compression level.

5. EWWW Image Optimizer:

EWWW image optimizer- wordpress image optimization plugin

EWWW Image optimizer is also an image compression plugin for the WordPress website. This is the fifth-best image optimization plugin WordPress 2020. They have a Free plugin but if you need more optimization option then you have to purchase the API key.

They have two plugins with two different plans for image compression and Resizing:

  1. Easy IO
  2. Cloud Compression


  • It also has the bulk optimization features,
  • EWWW image optimizer supports JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP image formats, it has three different levels of image optimization of each format for premium users,
  • You can convert any JPG or PNG image to WebP format,
  • It removes the Meta data from your images at the time of compressing,
  • No limits on file sizes or the number of images uploaded for compressing,
  • There is a new feature for optimizing PDF files but for premium users.
  • ExactDN option gives you the automatic image resizing and compression facility for premium users,
  • It has also the Lazy load option for your website,
  • You can change the image quality level, Parallex optimization, Scheduled optimization,
  • Resize your existing images, upload images with custom dimension,
  • It performs optimization on your own web server.

Pricing Plan:

If you want the only compression your images then you can purchase the Compression API for $0.003 per image. For example, if you want 3000 images to compress then it costs $9.

A final thought on Best Image Optimization Plugin WordPress 2020

In conclusion, I am giving you the final result of Best Image Optimization Plugin WordPress 2020 race. Let’s see the pricing details at a glance and decide which WordPress image optimization plugin is best for you.

PluginsPricing Plan/ monthImage OptimizedSupported Image formatsSupported Application
ShortPixel$4.995000 images/monthJPG, PNG, GIF, PDF & WebPWordPress
imagekit.io$39.0040GB/monthJPG, PNG, GIF, SVG & WebPWordPress
Imagify$4.161GB/monthJPGs, PNGs & GIFs upto 2MB/imageWordPress
reSmush.itFREEUnlimitedPNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, and TIF upto 5MB/imageWordPress, Drupal or Magento
EWWW Image Optimizer$93000 images/monthJPG, PNG, GIF, WebPWordPress
TinyPNG$0.002/image10000 imagesJPG, PNGWordPress

According to the pricing and other features, the best image optimization plugin WordPress 2020 and the winner is:

  1. ShortPixel
  2. Imagekit.io
  3. reSmush.it
PluginsPricing PlanImage OptimizedSupported Image formatsSupported Application
ShortPixelFREE100 images/monthJPG, PNG, GIF, PDF & WebPWordPress
imagekit.ioFREE20GB/monthJPG, PNG, GIF, SVG & WebPWordPress
ImagifyFREE25MB/monthJPGs, PNGs & GIFs upto 2MB/imageWordPress
reSmush.itFREEUnlimitedPNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, and TIF upto 5MB/imageWordPress, Drupal or Magento
EWWW Image OptimizerFREEUnlimitedJPG, PNG, GIF, WebP (limited compression)WordPress
TinyPNGFREE500 images/monthJPG, PNGWordPress

According to the Free plan, the best image optimization plugin WordPress 2020 and the winner is:

  1. reSmush.it
  2. Imgakit.io
  3. Tiny PNG

Bonus Tip

As promised, I am giving you a bonus tip as a site where you resize your picture as well as reduce your image size. Also, you can design your picture with the help of the Filter & Effect option. I think you are excited to know about it.

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