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Google WordPress Site Kit Plugin is now available for all WordPress users

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After 6 months of development, Google WordPress Site Kit plugin v1.0 has finally launched for all WordPress users from 01st Nov 2019.

Good News is that now Beta Version has gone from Google Sit kit. As on 19th June 2019, Google launched the Site Kit as a Developer Preview version.

Sit Kit by Google” WordPress plugin is now available in the WordPress.org also.

— Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin Download

Google Webmasters officially tweeted this announcement or you can also read from Google’s official blog.

Google announced that the setup flow is simplified, lots of bugs fixed and polished the main user flows.

Site Kit by Google WordPress plugin is providing you the services of Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Page Speed Insights, Google AdSense and lots more.

— Google Site Kit Services

There is no need to source code editing or hire a developer to install this plugin. The setup of this plugin is super simple and you can easily access the Google products from your site.

Why you Install Google Sit Kit WordPress Plugin?

You should install the Site Kit Plugin for your WordPress website due to these reasons:

  • Google Site Kit shows you the consolidated stats report in the WordPress dashboard all the time whenever you logged into your website,
  • You can easily access the Google Search Console stats report like Total Clicks, Total Impressions, Average CTR & Position right from here,
  • You can track your Page or Post position individually anytime,
  • Comparing top performance pages and see how people found them,
  • Easily monetize the website traffic by Google Analytics from here,
  • Check your AdSense Account anytime,
  • Check your website speed with Google Page Speed Insights.
  • The stats report of performance and improvement of your website come to you directly from Google.
  • Developers now can easily compile the data reports of Google products for their clients from one place.


The best benefit of this plugin is that you can easily track all the data in one place. You can easily connect with these Google tools but you set up those accounts (Search Console, Analytics, AdSense) first then connect.

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