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Guidelines To Submit A Guest Post

  1. First, go to our Blog page and check out all the featured articles to know what is the type of content that we publish.
  2. Write your article which quality and add value to the readers, especially how will learn, find some special information from your content. Articles should be original, specifically designed for Crafts Blog and it should contain a minimum of 1200 words.
  3. You have to be a blogger or as a genuine reader/writer who has something to share with the community related to our topics.
  4. Image a definitive as it speaks more than words. So make sure to add images to deliver your message, but don’t add junk of images if not necessary. For tutorials always prefer to update test results and creative guide images show that readers understand it easily.
  5. Always check for previous articles if your idea is already published or not. Also, verify that what you are thinking of publishing is always remain unique to the previous concepts.
  6. If you are in a video blogger then you can submit YouTube videos to me. Just create your video and drop me an email at and I will inform you of the rest part.
  7. We respect everyone’s work and believe that nobody should copy other’s work and publish with their credits. So during post submission always give us copyright ownership of your post, which will help us with DCMA related issues in the future.
  8. Again if your post is detected as copied from another source your article will be immediately deleted from our database and you will get an instant BAN.
  9. Comments are the conversation of your published article. So answer any queries regarding your post via comments. The better you engage with the readers the more you will get exposed and more satisfied readers.

Topics To Submit A Guest Post

  1. Other WordPress plugins, tools, and methods to increase performance.
  2. WordPress themes and development tutorials.
  3. Easy blogging hacks, blogging tools, and blog marketing.
  4. Online money making ideas and tips.
  5. Social media marketing and online marketing.
  6. “How-to’s” and listified articles.
  7. SEO tools, software, and tutorials to use them.
  8. Updated link building method and strategy.
  9. New technology for blogging.
  10. Contribute thinking with us.

Hope you have read and understood all of the guidelines mentioned above, submit the article on this page (After submitting, this post will go to our audit team for auditing your article, if all ok then it will be published on our website) or you can send your prepared article (doc file or PDF along with image) to me on /

If I find your article interesting and informative I will create a brand new profile for you. If you still want to know anything regarding guest post feel free to ask a question on our contact page.

I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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