How to make a free WordPress website- Step by step guide for beginners


Make a free site with WordPress: Hello Reader… today I am discussed with you an exciting topic on how to make a free WordPress website for your own. I think you are excited too.

In this WordPress tutorial, I am giving you the exact and specific process to build a completely free WordPress website. Just follow the steps. So let’s jump into the topic…

First thing first, now you have to know​-

What is CMS for making a free WordPress website?​

The answer is that it gives you permission to create content, modify them and publish them. In short, this system is called ‘CMS’ means “Content Management system“. A WordPress Website based on this system.


CMS is a software which is provided by your host’s server. CMS can give you the flexibility to do many things on your site like- you can create blog posts page, product page, working portfolio page on your website and doing many more things.

This system gives you the freedom to install a theme as per your niche and fulfill the purpose of your website. Here you can also add plugins as per the requirement of your website and give your site more functionality.

Now the question is which CMS is best for you?

Let’s see the recent statistics by the Buildwith. Then we decide which CMS we will use.


 Total Websites% of CMS Market
WP Engine26,4172.64

Now it is clear that WordPress is the most popular Content Management system to build a website.

On the other hand, there is two more CMS based software available on the online market, one is Drupal and another is Joomla. These are less popular than WordPress. But they have their own functionality.

So we are going with WordPress to build your free website. It is also a great choice for beginners who build their website the first time.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS based “open-source” online site building tool that works with PHP and MySQL database management system.

Want to know more about WordPress? read this post.

Here are key highlights of why we choose WordPress website-

  1. It’s easy to install,
  2. This is an open-source platform,
  3. It gives you the freedom to customize your website,
  4. This is ideal for non-coding users who don’t have knowledge in CSS/HTML.

Now we are going to the detailed discussion of the setup of your completely free WordPress website. We divide it into three parts as mention above. This is a complete guide from start to end. I hope you will learn something new form this process.


Step 1: Choose a Domain to make a free WordPress website

First, you choose a domain name for your website and then your chosen domain name will register with the Domain registrar. Now the question arises in your mind that “What is Domain?

A domain is a place where your site name is registered such as,, etc. In this case your domain extension name is changed from “.com” to “.tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq” because we are going to create a free domain name.

So we are going to the freenom website where we register our domain name.

freenom-domain-make a free-wordpress-website

Enter a domain name as per your choice (don’t type any extension like- .com, etc.) into that box “Find a new Free domain” and then hit “Check Availability”.


If your entered domain name is available in this freenom site then the above page will appear in front of you. As you see that in the price section, it shows that it USD 0.00 means it is totally free. Now you can go through any of this extension like –

For example, we select as our site name. After selecting this you click on Get it now button.

Now you can see that our domain name is selected and ready to checkout. Click on the checkout button and the next page will appear.

This is the important part for your domain registration, now as you see in the above screenshot, there are three areas are marked, presently don’t do anything in the “Forward this domain or Use DNS” section (we will set it up later), then select the period “12months @ FREE” from the dropdown option and hit the continue button for final checking out.


There are two options for checkout to the final step.

Option 1: Freenom Sign in

If you have already registered here then login with your previous Login ID & Password. You can also sign in with your social account.

Option 2: Freenom Registration

If you are new here then go to the left-hand side of this site and enter your email address then click on “Verify my Email Address“. After that, they will send you a verification link to your email id for verifying your mail-id.

Now, go to your mailbox and click on that verification link.


After clicking on that verification link, you will be redirected to the registration page where you fill your original details.

All the fields are mandatory, so fill all the details and in the last section tick mark on “I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions” and click on “Complete Order“.

This is the final confirmation page. Here you can find your Order number and from here you can go to your Client Area for the next setup. Now you can access your client area after login to your account. After login, you will go to ServicesMy Domains.

Now our domain is ready and needs to configure it with Hosting Server. For that, we have to find a Hosting Provider for connecting our domain name.


Step 2: Choose a Hosting to make a free WordPress website

Now you are thinking that what is hosting? Don’t worry! I am explaining it to you.

What is WordPress Hosting?

Hosting is a server that is controlled by the data centers around the world and it works 24×7. All website data is stored in their SSD (Solid State Drive) disk. Hosting servers also manage your website’s speed and performance based on hosting plans.

The hosting providers that allow WordPress software to be installed are called WordPress hosting. You can install this WordPress software from your hosting cPanel.


So, let’s look for a free hosting site that helps us build a free WordPress website.

Here I found two free hosting providers as your web hosting. I tested these two websites and then I am recommending you.

InfinityFree – This is a free hosting provider and they give you unlimited web hosting services. They have also Premium Plan but we don’t go with the Premium Plan now because we build a completely free website.

Pro Free Host – This is also a 100% free Hosting provider and they also give you unlimited web hosting, Easy Control Panel, 99.9% uptime guaranteed. You can also choose this site for your site for hosting.


Both sites have the same features and both have the limitation. The limitation is the regular upload & Download limit. They give you a 512 MB daily limit for your free hosting plan. After crossed your daily limit, they will block your site for 24 hours. So this is a very big Cons of these hosting providers.

For this tutorial, I choose the InfinityFree web hosting to make a free WordPress website.

InfinityFree Login/Signup

Go to the InfinityFree hosting site and link your domain with the InfinityFree hosting server.

infinityfree hosting-make-a-free-wordpress-website

First, you go to the “Client Area” (right-hand side on the top) to log into your account. Click on it and go to the next page for Login or Register.


If you are the first time user then fill this page otherwise go to the Login page. For Registration, enter your email address then type a password and again type your password to confirm.

After login, you will see this dashboard at InfinityFree Hosting site. Now you click on “New Account” on your right-hand side, follow the above screenshot.

Here you can see that there are two options, One is “Use a free sub-domain” and Second is “Use your own domain“. We are going with the second option (follow the arrow link).

Here you entered your domain name which was already created in the freenom site i.e. “”. Before doing this process, you can see in the above of this, there is mention that the domain needs to point to the nameservers: and


As we know that at the time of domain registration we skip the nameserver configuration process, now we configure that first then hit the Create Account button.

Change Nameservers in Freenom

Now go to your freenom site again and log into your existing account and go to services > My Domains> Click on Manage Domain (see the end of step-1).


Here you can see that under the Management tools you can find the Nameservers, click on it. After that, you can see that there are two options shown:

One is “Use default nameservers (Freenom Nameservers)“.


Another is “Use custom nameservers (enter below)“. We are going with this option.

Now you entered the Infinity Free’s nameserver into the Freenom name server. We are doing this setup because we connect our domain name with the Infinity free hosting server. After pasting your server name click on “Change Nameservers”.

Create a Hosting Account in InfinityFree

Come back to Infinity Free website again to create your account. Leave the Username and Account Password option as it is and click on the Create Account button.

After that, wait for 1 minute, it will take some time to set up your account. After activating your account, you will see your hosting account dashboard (as the screenshot below):


Now click on the Control Panel to go to the cPanel dashboard. After that, you will see a Notice from InfiniteFree, click on “I Approve” and proceed (You will see that notice once due to your first registration).

After that, you entered into your cPanel dashboard.

You can also directly login to your cPanel with your InfinityFree Username & password.

Install WordPress software


Everything on your site is controlled by the cPanel. Now go to the Software section. Under the Software section, you can find the “Softaculous App Installer”. 


Now click on WordPress to install the software into your webserver.


This is a vital part of Install your WordPress software. As per the above screenshot, you can see that I marked the three sections which are very important for setting up your WordPress software.

A. Software Setup:

  1. Choose the version you want to install: Here you see the five versions of WordPress (5.2.4/5.2.3/5.2.2/5.1.1 / 5.0.4/ 4.9.0). But we go with 5.2.4 version which is the latest version of WordPress.
  2. Choose your protocol: This means if you have already installed an SSL Certificate on your site then select the “https://” option otherwise select the “http://“. Presently, we have not installed the SSL Certificate but we install it later. Now we proceed with the “https://” option.
  3. Choose Domain: It means if you have multiple domain names registered with this InfinityFree web hosting then you see the domain name list here and select your domain name where you install the WordPress software.
  4. In Directory: Delete the “WP” In Directory option because it creates a sub-directory after your site name such as https://testsite745/wp and so we recommend to delete that and continue the setup process.

B. Site Settings:

  1. Site Name:  Just write your website name here.
  2. Description: Write your site description here means what about your site is?
  3. Enable Multisite (WPMU): This feature enables the multisite option for your WordPress blog. Just leave it as it is, don’t tick the option.

C. Admin Account:

  1. Admin Username: Here you write your username for your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Password: Write your password for your WordPress admin panel. Make sure your password should be 10 characters and give a different password.
  3. Email: Here you write your email address for sending and receiving emails between your visitor and you.

    Note: First, create your email address from the cPanel. Under Mail section, Click on Email accounts > Add Email address > Select domain name > Enter Password > Add (like-, then go to MX Record > enter “” in the Server name box > Click on Add.

    Or you can also use other email accounts like- Gmail, outlook mail, yahoo mail, etc. then there is another way to connect your email account with your site.

Remain all the settings leave as it is and hit the “Install button” to install your WordPress software.

Now leave this as it is and now it’s time to install the Cloudflare SSL Certificate to this site, then come back to this page to learn the final step.


Finally, our WordPress software is installed to make a free WordPress website. Let’s go to Step-3.

Step 3: Configure the free WordPress website

Congratulation! Your site is ready to use and needs to configure some settings –

I hope you already read how to set up the Cloudflare SSL Certificate, if not then read that first then come here to continue your reading.

If you follow all the steps then your site is ready to use now, just configure some settings before we getting started using our WordPress website. Here you can customize your site as per your way.


Let’s see our site first then we will go to configure our site.

Here you can see that this is the Homepage of your site first time and presently this not configured by you because this is not your created homepage, this is a post page which by default you see this.

As you can see that site is active with Cloudflare SSL Certificate also.

Now I am showing you the primary settings which you must need for using your WordPress site properly. Let’s see those settings:


1. General Settings:

First, we configure the Settings tab (on the left-hand side) of your WordPress Admin. Here you can see under the Settings tab, there are five different options.

wordpress general settings-make a free wordpress website

Here you see the below options to configure:

  • Site title,
  • Site tagline,
  • WordPress Address,
  • Site Address (URL),
  • Email Address,
  • Membership,
  • New User Default role,
  • Site Language,
  • Timezone,
  • Date format,
  • Time format.

Here you can change your Site tagline, Email address, Time zone, date format, Time format. But I recommend you to not to change your site title because it is the identity of your site. After your changes are done, you have to click on Save Changes to save the configuration.

2. Writing Settings:

Under the Default Post Category option, by default, it shows Uncategorized, because we did not create any post categories yet. Leave this as it is for now.


When you create some categories under the Posts tab (Go to Posts > Categories > Add New Categories) then come back to this option and change the default category of your blog.

3. Reading Settings:

Here you can see the two options under the Your homepage displays.

  • A. Your latest posts: It means to display your latest blog posts in the default homepage. If you want to then no need to change to A static page.
  • B. A Static Page: You create a new page that you want to display on the homepage.

    To create pages, go to Pages tab > click on Add New. Now Enter a page name like – “Home” then click on the Publish button (on the top of your editor).

    Similarly, you create another page like the “Blog” page. After that come back here and select your page from Dropdown below under Homepage as “Home” & the Post page as “Blog“.
  • C. Blog pages show at most: You can leave it as it is or you can change it from 10 to 5 or 6 anything you want to show.
  • D. Syndication feeds show the most recent: You can leave it as it is or you can change from 10 to as per your requirement.
  • E. For each article in a feed, show: Here you change it from “Full text” to “Summary”.
  • F. Search Engine Visibility: If you tick this then it means you hide your site from the Google Search Engine and if you leave as it is then it means your site displays in the Search Engine like Google, etc.

    It totally depends on you because if you want to hide your site till your site is ready then keep this tick on, when your site is fully ready to use then you untick this.

After doing all the changes in the settings, don’t forget to click on Save Changes.

4. Discussion Settings:

Leave all the tick marking as it is. You just change the highlighted option which is shown in the screenshot above i.e. if you want to. 

If you tick this option “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” that means you tell your visitor to login first and then comment. If you have the login option into your website then tick this option otherwise leave this option Untick.


Now go to Before a comment appears option, here you must tick this on “Comment must be manually approved”, otherwise anyone can comment on your post and no needs to approve. It has a good side and a bad side also. So keep this in mind.

After doing all the changes in the settings, don’t forget to click on Save Changes.

5. Permalinks Settings:

Here you must change your Post URL under Permalinks Settings. By default, it is selected Month and name, but you have to change this option to Post name. You can also set the Custom structure for your post URL like this:

After doing all the changes in the settings, don’t forget to click on Save Changes.


Well done!! You have completed your primary settings. Your free WordPress website is ready to use.

Now need some customization by installing theme and plugins for your WordPress website.

If you want to show your free site in Google and other search engines then you have to submit website URL to google search console.

Conclusion on how to make a free WordPress website:

Now I am discussing some Pros & Cons to make a free WordPress website with free domain and hosting.



  1. You create a completely free WordPress website without spending any money,
  2. Purchase a domain name completely free,
  3. Hosting your site completely free of cost,
  4. Connect your site with a free SSL Certificate.


  1. Use this free site as your practice purpose only, not take as professionally.
  2. This type of site not recommended for commercial use,
  3. It can’t handle the huge visitor of your site,
  4. Daily Upload & Download limitation to create this type of site,
  5. Sometimes it shows error which is not good for your valued visitor,
  6. Google does not give you any rank of this type of site,
  7. These domain extension name of your site is not familiar to the people because people knows and believes in “.com / .in / .net /” domain extension not in “.ml / .ga / .cf” etc. domain extension.
  8. This domain is free only for 1 year after that you have to renew your domain, after that this domain is going to close.

Hope you understand that this is only you can take it for practice purpose only. Because if you want to rank in Google then you have to need a professional website.

However, you can use this platform to create a Wishing script and make money.


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