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How to install WordPress manually using FTP client within 5 minutes


Do you want to know how to install WordPress manually using FTP to your cPanel? Well, In this tutorial I’ll show you how you can install WordPress manually on your website using FTP credentials.

So if you’re ready, let’s get started to know that How To Install WordPress Manually Using FTP.

Follow these steps to know how to install WordPress manually using FTP:

How To Install WordPress Manually Using FTP Step 1: Download WordPress software

We need to download WordPress to our local computer, so let’s go to wordpress.org and you’ll see the download WordPress button here.

So we’ll click to download the latest WordPress to a folder that we know let’s save that.

download wordpress from wordpress.org- install wordpress manually
— Download WordPress from WordPress.org

Once that’s saved we need to go ahead and open this up and we need to extract the files.

extract wordpress.zip
— Extract WordPress files from Zip file

This is the folder I want to extract it in and we’ll click on Extract Here.

Once they’ve all been extracted you’ll now have a WordPress folder here and here are all of the files in the WordPress folder.

— WordPress Files

We need to upload all of these files to our website to install WordPress manually via FTP.

How To Install WordPress Manually Using FTP Step 2: Upload WordPress software using FTP

There are several FTP clients that you can use to upload WordPress software.

You can use any of those above mention FTP clients as per your choice for uploading the WordPress software, but the basic concept is the same.

In this tutorial, I’ll be using FileZilla. So you want to head over to filezilla-project.org and download the one appropriate for your machine.

Once you install FileZilla this is what it will look like (from here you know how to install wordpress manually using FTP):

FileZilla FTP Client- How to install WordPress manually using FTP
— FileZilla FTP Client

The next thing we want to do is go ahead and add the credentials to access our website. So let’s head over to File > Site Manager (Ctrl+S).

— FileZilla Site Manager

From here we can add a new site.

Filezilla_site_manager_new_site- install wordpress manually
— Add Website in FileZilla Site Manager

After adding the new site, on your right-hand side, you can see that there is a General settings tab.

Filezilla FTP details- install wordpress manually
— Connect with the website using FileZilla Site Manager

Here, under hosts you want to add your website name, your FTP credentials should have come to you from your hosting provider via an email or you can find these details under Accounts at your hosting dashboard.

If the FTP credentials are not available, email to your hosting provider and ask them for the credentials if you don’t know them already.

Under the protocol, we’ll choose FTP the encryption we want to use explicit FTP over TLS if available.

That means that it is encrypting the data that is coming from our computer to our website so we want to keep that.

For a login type, we want to use Normal, next go ahead and add the credentials for your user for the FTP (enter your username & password as per your FTP details).

Now I’m going to click on Connect. FileZilla will automatically save all the settings for future logins and open a new FTP connection to your website.

If you connect via FTP for the first time from your computer, FileZilla may show you a certificate popup, like this:

filezilla ftp certificate validation- install wordpress manually
— FileZilla SSL Certificate verification Popup

Here click on “Always trust certificate in future sessions” and then click on the Ok button.

Once it connects you’ll see a successful dialogue up there you’ll also see all of your web folders on the right-hand side.

— Web Folders in the Right side

To install the WordPress files into the main directory, select /public_html or sometimes you find the public_html in the “/domains/website folder/public_html

To install the WordPress files into a sub-folder, select /public_html/folder or /domains/website folder/public_html/folder

On the left, I need to copy all of these files and folders, to do that I’m going to click on the first one, scroll down to the bottom and I’ll hold down shift-click to copy all of the files and folders we can right-click and hit Upload.

upload file using filezilla- install wordpress manually
— Upload WordPress files to public_html

Now, FileZilla starts to transfer all the files and folders to the root directory.

Keep in mind that at the time of upload any file, themes or plugins to the directory, first you need to know where to upload your file, theme or plugin.

For example, if you upload any themes or plugins then download that themes or plugins into your local drive and unzip it and then upload that in a specific folder like a wp-content folder (/public_html/wp-content/themes or plugins folder).

Till now do you understand how to install WordPress manually using ftp to C-panel?

If yes… Now I am going to next step. Let’s see below.

How To Install WordPress Manually Using FTP Step 3: Create A database to install WordPress

Alright once everything is uploaded we need to go to our cPanel and we need to create a database. So that, go to your cPanel and looking for the MySQL database.

— MySQL Database

Here your cPanel may look a little bit different but this is the general look that you’re looking for you need to create database name.

Now enter a Database name without any space, then we need to create a username and a strong password for this.

Create MySQL Database manually- install wordpress manually
— Create MySQL Database

Make sure that you copy that or otherwise have that somewhere safe so you’ll have it if you ever need it.

Then click on Create, In my case, it will automatically create all the permissions in respect of this database.

— MySQL Permissions or Privileges

But if you are using the Bluehost hosting, then the database creating process a little bit different.

  • First, Create a Database name > then click on Create Database > A successful massage will show you, hit the Go Back link.
  • Scroll down to create a new user, add username, create a strong password (you can take help password generator) > click on Create User > A successful massage will show you, then click to Go Back link again.
  • Now add the newly created user to the database, Scroll down to Add user to database section then select your database name and click on Add.
  • Now it’ll tell you what privileges do you want. We need to allow all privileges and click on Make changes.

Great, the user has complete control over this new database so we’re good to go there.

Now that we’ve created the database and we’ve uploaded WordPress we need to go to our web address (like- mywebsite.com) to finish the installation.

How To Install WordPress Manually Using FTP Step 4: Install WordPress

So I’m going to click out of the full screen, so you can see your address bar, type in your web address (like- mywebsite.com) and when you type in your web address you’ll see this.

— WordPress Language Selection

From here you can choose whatever language you want your WordPress site to be in, we’ll pick English(US) and click on Continue.

— Connect Your MySQL Database

Now you need to have this bit of information so let’s click let’s go.

— Connect MySQL Database with WordPress

Now connect your database with WordPress, submit here all the information that you have given when creating the database.

The database host is usually localhost, so keep it like that and then click Submit.

— Install WordPress

Alright from here you get a welcome screen or you can fill out the Site title, the Username that you will use to login to your WordPress website. Make sure you fill out a Password and then make sure you fill out your Email address to receive admin emails for your website.

Now if you’re not ready for search engines to look for your site then you can click discourage search engines from indexing your site. We’re not going to do that we’ll just click Install WordPress.

— WordPress Login

And now you get a success screen where you can now log in. So let’s click log in.

You can add your username and password here and if you want you can click remember me so you don’t have to do this every time.

We’ll click login. congratulations! you’ve successfully installed WordPress using FTP on your website.

To return to your WordPress dashboard again, Type in your URL bar: mywebsite.com/wp-admin or mywebsite.com/login.

You can also upload files using Filezilla FTP client to your web server directly.

Want to know how to make a website using WordPress or you can read this article to know what is WordPress?

Conclusion on how to Install WordPress manually using FTP:

Hope you understand that how to install WordPress manually using FTP.

Normally FTP is required for manually upload or download files to or from the web directory or when won’t work your website due to some error.

Even you can upload themes and plugins manually for your website if you face any trouble in your WordPress site.

In my opinion, the easiest way to install your WordPress software by softaculous apps installer from your cPanel.

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