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How to submit URL to Google, Bing, Yahoo & Other search engines for WordPress

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Submit Url to Google, Bing, Yahoo & other search engines: In this tutorial, you learn how to submit your website & post URL to Google search console, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines such as Yandex, EntireWeb, etc.

If you are not indexing your website Url in the Google search console, Bing, Yahoo, and other popular search engines then your website or blog posts pages not ranked in the search engines.

If your website or post page ranked in the search engines then how people know about your site and your blog posts. You didn’t get any traffic. No traffic means no money.

If you want to index your website fast then submit page or URL to Google search console, Bing & other search engines immediately.

How to Submit Url to Google Console & Indexed?

If you are a beginner then don’t worry, just follow my simple steps to submit your website or blog post to google console.

In recent updates, Google completely removes the Public submission tool to submit pages or posts to Google to index in the Old Search Console. Also, removes Fetch as Google option from the Old search console as on March 2019.

Don’t worry! I am showing you the latest 2019 process to submit pages or post URL to Google.

First, Create a fresh Gmail account, because at the time of login into the Google Search Console, you need a Gmail id.

I hope you already create a Gmail account. So let’s go to the Google Search Console login page.

google-search-console-login-page-submit url to google

Here click on the Start Now button and it automatically takes you to the Gmail Login page.

google-login-page-for-submit-url-to -Google

Now login with your Google email and password which you created earlier. Then the Google console page is open in front of you.

Select Property in Google Search Console

If you are new here, first you add your website domain name or domain URL in the Google Search Console.

For submitting your domain name or domain URL, select any one between these two properties (see the screenshot below).

Google-console-property-selection-submit-url-to -Google

As you can see there are two property types shown in front of you.

  • Domain
  • URL Prefix

Now you think that where I paste or type my domain name or URL between these two properties. Don’t confuse, let me explain.

Domain Property

If your site is created on the basis of paid domain provider then you can go with the Domain property. If you are still not purchased, check these domain name provider with hosting – SiteGround, Bluehost, or Hostinger.

In this Domain Property, you can also add a sub-domain name (if any).

If your site has the Https or has not Https, in both cases, you can index your domain or sub-domain name. Better you go with Https, if you don’t have the Https, then add the free Cloudflare SSL for your website.

If you choose the Domain Property, keep in mind that this can verify your domain name via DNS of your domain provider. Follow method 1.

Besides, if your site builds on free domain & hosting, you can also add your domain name under Domain Property. Click here to see that process.

Alternatively, you can go with the URL Prefix to verify your domain name also. Follow method 2.

URL Prefix property

If your site based on Blogger which is Google’s own blogging platform then you have to go with the URL Prefix option. You can’t choose the Domain Property here.

Because Google is the main Domain Provider here and there is no option to edit your domain information. This is the main reason, Blogger users have to go with the URL Prefix.

I think it is clear to you, now go to the next step.

Method 1: Verify domain name by Domain Property

If your site created on Paid Domain provider and you can submit URL to Google console by Domain property.

Type or paste your domain name like – example.com (no need to add Http or Https, it is automatically detected by Google) in the box and click on Continue.

A new popup will be shown, like below-

Google-console-DNS-Verification-submit-url-to -Google

Now, this popup tells you that Verify your domain name via DNS of your domain provider.

Copy that TXT record and go to your domain provider login page. After login, you find the DNS Zone of your domain to paste that TXT record.

Hostinger-domain-DNS-Editor-of-TXT-submit-url-to -Google

In this TXT section, click on Add New, then a new row will open in front of you.

In the Host Column type “@“, In TXT Value column paste your “Google TXT Record“, In the TTL Column select “1/2 Hour” then Save it.

Note: TTL means It’s the time of how many times per day it will cache the information in the servers.

If you go with the DNS verification it may take 24 hours to verify your Website, don’t worry, it will verify after 24 hours. After that time period, check your property again.

Google-domain-ownership-confirmation- submit url to google

After successful verification, you will see the above successful message.

Similarly, if your site builds on Free Domain & Hosting and it connected with the Cloudflare SSL, then go to the Cloudflare login page.

After login, go to the DNS tab of your domain.

Add DNS record in Cloudflare SSL

Under this DNS Tab, click on Add Record > Type = “TXT” > Name= “@” > TTL = “Auto” > Content = “Paste the Google TXT record here“.

After finishing all the work, click on Save.

Now go back to the Google console and click on the Verify button. After successful verification, shows you the below massage.

Google-domain-ownership-confirmation- submit url to google

Method 2: Verify domain name by URL Prefix property

If you choose the URL Prefix property to submit Url to Google console then type your domain name like- https://example.com or http://example.com (if you have no SSL certificate).

Note: This is an alternative method for paid / free hosting provider. But Blogger user must go through the other verification method, like- HTML Tag method process.

Then click on Continue. After that, a new popup will open in front of you (see screenshot below).

Download-HTML-file-of-Google-Console- submit url to google

Now download the HTML file and go to your hosting account. Login to your account and open the File Manager.

Then click on Upload button > Select the HTML file from your local drive > then Click on Upload.

Come back to your google search console page and click on Verify button.

Then a successful message popup shows you, like this-

Google-ownership-verification-by-html-file-submit url to google

Otherwise, you choose the other verification methods such as HTML tag, Google Analytics, etc.

Index your Website or Blog Page URL in Google Search Console

If you have multiple domain or sub-domain names under one google account then select your domain or sub-domain name from the left-hand side which one you want to index.

Inspect-request-by-google-search-console-submit url to google

Here you can type your page or blog URL in the “Inspect any URL in” for once at a time like https://example.com or https://subdoamin.example.com.

If your site is new and will index your website for the first time, then you can see the below message.

Inspect-report-by-google-search-console-submit url to google

If you see this type of message then you click on Request Indexing. It can take some time to index your site. Then you will see a popup message like this-

indexing-request-by-google-search-console-submit url to google

This means your site will crawl by google bot soon. To fast your indexing, click on Test Live URL. It helps you to index your page or post URL index fastly.

After 1 to 2 hours or after 24 hours you can see that your crawler request is also indexed your site (See the screenshot below).

As you can see that this is a Request Indexing report. This means your site is not live on Google search engine. Now go to google.com & check is this live or not?

In the same way, submit your post URL in the “Inspect any URL in” and index it. But keep in mind that submit only one post page URL once at a time.

Submit Sitemap to Google Console

You can explain in another way like this is a Map of your site. The sitemap is a file that contains all the pages, posts & categories list of your website.

To generate the sitemap of your website, login to your WordPress. If you are already using the Yoast SEO plugin then generate the sitemap of your website like https://example.com/sitemap_index.xml

If you are new to WordPress then Install the Yoast SEO plugin and configure it first. After that go to the Google search console to submit your Sitemap.

After generating the sitemap, it looks like this

The sitemap looks like this. Basically, you can see three sitemap Url such as post-sitemap.xml, page-sitemap.xml & category-sitemap.xml.

To submit your sitemap in the google search console, click on Sitemaps on the left-hand side of this page. After that, on the right-hand side, paste your sitemap URL which you generate from your site.

  • You can enter your whole sitemap once, just type sitemap_index.xml after your site address, then click on Submit.
  • Otherwise, you can manually enter your sitemap address like- post-sitemap.xml (it means you want to only index the post sitemap Url of your website) then click on Submit.

Submit URL to Bing Webmaster tools

Bing is another search engine like Google. Bing is made by Microsoft and they have their own crawler to crawl your website or blog page Url.

Yahoo search engine is also powered by Bing because Yahoo has no Yahoo webmaster tools. That means if you submit your website or post URL in the Bing webmaster tools then at a time index your URL in both search engines.

Now let’s go to the Bing webmaster tools & submit the website URL to Bing.

After coming on this page, you have to log in with your Google email id & Password which you create at the time of submitting URL to Google console.

Step 1: Add or Import your site to Bing

Presently under My Site, there is two option to index your website Url in the Bing webmaster tools.

  • Add a Site: Here you type or paste your website URL and click on ADD
  • Import Site: This means if you have already verified your site with google search console then you can simply import all the details from there. But this is now in Beta. So I don’t go with that now.

I go with the “Add a site” option. After adding your Url, the next page will open.

Here add your same sitemap which you generate earlier like https://example.com/sitemap_index.xml then click on ADD. After doing this, the next page will open.

Step 2: Verify your Domain or Sub-domain name

You can verify your ownership of your website in 3 different ways, you can choose any 1 within these 3 ways-

1. Place an XML file – Download that .xml file and upload this file to your hosting server by using FileZilla or login into your hosting server and open the file manager, then select the upload file and upload this .xml file.

2. Copy and Paste a <meta> tag – Copy that whole code and go to your WordPress dashboard, now go to Appearance > Theme Editor > Theme Header (header.php) > Paste that meta code between <head> </head> section > Update File

Alternatively, you can verify the meta tag through the Yoast SEO plugin, read this post to know.

3. Add CNAME record manually to DNS – Add the Bing DNS record to your hosting DNS zone. Follow the previous step.

After doing this process, come back to Bing Webmaster Tools and click on Verify on that section.

Note: If you face any problem to verify your website then clear your cache of your browser and try again.

Post Url submit to Bing webmaster tools

Now submit the post URL in your particular website (if you have more than one domain or subdomain in your bing webmaster tools in the same account).

After entering into your site dashboard, Select Submit URLs (on the left-hand side) menu then paste you post Url one by one in that box and click on Submit. You can add 1000 post Url per day.

Submit Url to search engines in one click

If you already submitted your site or post URL to that search engines, now submit your site’s URLs to other search engines in one click.

Go to Freewebsumission.com and submit your website or post Url to these websites (see screenshot below).

Let’s go & submit the Url to these search engines in one click.

  • Website URL: Paste your website or post URL to this box
  • Name: Type or paste your website or post name into this box
  • Email Address: Enter your email id into this box
  • I have read and agree to the terms: Tick “Yes”

Then click on submit your site button below. Now all the work has been done, wait for your email. After successful submission, you get an email from each & every search engine.


In this final conclusion, I just tell you that if you are not going through this process then your site or post can’t visible in these search engines. So you can’t get traffic to your website or post. No Traffic, No Money.

Similarly, you have to know the tips to write an SEO friendly article to get traffic on your website.

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