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What is WordPress? Must know before you start to make a website

What is wordpress for

Before you start to make a website by using WordPress, you have to know about What is WordPress and how does it work?

I know that many questions arise in your mind to know about is WordPress free to use? and is WordPress easy to use?

Don’t worry! I explained all the details in this tutorial and I am sure that after reading this article you don’t have any questions in your mind.

First, I clear your all doubts and then I will explain all the things.

Is WordPress free to use?

The answer is Yes, WordPress is Free. It is an “open-source” platform for all users. But before you use this free software you must purchase a Domain and Hosting from SiteGround or Bluehost to make a professional WordPress website.

Is WordPress easy to use?

The answer is Yes. It is very easy to use for non-coded users. Those who don’t know to make a website using programing language like Html and CSS, that user can easily make their website using this system software.

Not only that, many big entities are using this software for promoting their brands too.

Now I am coming to the main topic.

What is WordPress for creating a website?

Technically, WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System gives you permission to create content, modify them and publish them) based application to create a dynamic website. You can use this application to make a Business website and writing blogs, etc.

According to Builtwith, the report shows that 35.67% of users use the WordPress software.

Showing you the summarised statistics report (2011-2019) of this:

As you see in the above chart, WordPress is leading the position on the internet than other applications.

Features of WordPress:

  • WordPress is an open-source platform for all,
  • Customize your WordPress website with Themes and Plugins,
  • WordPress is an SEO friendly software,
  • Manage your WordPress website is very easy,
  • Secure your WordPress website easily,
  • WordPress itself handles all your media types,
  • You can write in your own language in WordPress.

How to use WordPress?

You can use this CMS based WordPress platform in many ways to create a professional website, like- creating a business website, blog website, social website, etc. This software runs with PHP and MySQL database management system.

You can find this software within these two platforms, 1. WordPress.org and 2. WordPress.com

As you know the most used website in the online market build with WordPress, but you don’t know that they use WordPress.org’s free software.

How does WordPress work?

WordPress works with two components: PHP and MySQL on your web server.

In simple words, both are interconnected with each other.

php logo-what is wordpress

PHP is a server-side scripting language to create dynamic web pages for your website. When someone visits your website and opens a page built in PHP, then the server process the PHP commands and sends the results to the visitor’s browser.

mysql logo-what is wordpress

MySQL is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) that uses the Structured Query Language (SQL). This SQL language is the most popular language for adding, accessing and processing data in a database. The second most used database management system in the world, that is MySQL and it is extremely fast at responding to queries.

When visitors visit your site to read your content (means your blog posts, pages, comments, link), they make a request that is sent to your host server. After that, the PHP programing language receives that request and knocked at the MySQL database.

Now MySQL obtains the requested information from the database and then presents the requested information to your visitors through their web browser.

It seems to you complicated? don’t worry! you just install the WordPress software from your hosting C-Panel and it automatically creates everything for you. It takes a few minutes.

After installation, it enables you to use a simple, web-based editor to publish content and build your website.

What type of website you can create with WordPress?

In 2003, WordPress officially launched in the online market. At that time it was used as a primary tool to create a blog, more than making a website. WordPress became very popular within a few years, and developers of WordPress also made many changes to its core code.

Nowadays there are tons of themes and plugins used for WordPress.

The below mention websites you can create with WordPress:

  1. Blog or Personal Website
  2. Business Website
  3. E-Commerce Website
  4. Affiliate Website
  5. Photography Website
  6. Portfolio Website
  7. Coupon Website
  8. Social Website
  9. School or College Website
  10. Membership Website
  11. Forums Website
  12. Job Board Website
  13. Business Directory Website
  14. Question and Answer Website
  15. Non-Profit and Religious Website
  16. Auction Website
  17. Multilingual Website
  18. Knowledgebase / Wiki Website
  19. Podcasting Website

WordPress has two different platforms to make your website:

  • WordPress.org
  • WordPress.com

But there are lots of differences between both of them. Let’s see…

The Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

I am showing you some differences between these two platforms and then decide which platform is best for you.

difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org- what is wordpress


WordPress.org provides you an “open-source” platform and 100% free to use software to make a WordPress website for your business use and personal use both.

Before that, you need a domain name and web hosting to use this software. The dashboard of this software is very userfriendly and the customization of your website in your own hand with lots of themes and plugins, that’s why it is also called Self-hosted WordPress.

You can also manually download this free WordPress software from here and upload it to your host server using the FileZilla FTP.


WordPress.com is also co-founder of WordPress. This is a paid service and also managed by WordPress.org software. But it is not as much as flexible of self-hosted WordPress. Because of the same co-founder, users are confused about what to choose.

Disadvantages of WordPress.com

Highlighting some cons of this WordPress.com. After that, you can easily decide what you will choose.

  • Here you can’t upload the custom theme for your website,
  • Free has no theme customization option but Business users can but that is very limited,
  • You can’t upload any plugin in the free plan,
  • Your site will always display with “Powered by WordPress.com” link, no option to change the footer link, even in the Business Plan.
  • You can’t place your own AD Sense here, so you can’t make money from here,
  • You can’t add the Google Analytics or any other tracking platform in the free plan, but Business plan users can install that.
  • If they think that you violate their terms of service then they can delete your site any time.

Pricing plans:

Here are the 5 Plans for upgrading your site.

  • Free: Limited access with wordpress.com extension name
  • Personal: $5 per month
  • Premium: $8 per month
  • Business: $25 per month
  • e-commerce: $45 per month

Here are the summarised differences between these two platforms, have a look:

What companies use WordPress?

You would be surprised to know that even big companies use WordPress. Some companies promoting their brands or some companies use this platform for sharing information, news, stories, reviews, etc.

Let’s see who uses WordPress?

1. Microsoft

Microsoft using WordPress platform in two different sites:

official microsoft blog- what is wordpress
  • Microsoft Stories
    This site is created for publishing stories & news by Microsoft. In this site, they use the magazine-style layout by WordPress.
microsoft news- what is wordpress

2. The Walt Disney Company

People know Walt Disney as their cartoon characters around the world. The Walt Disney Company is also making this site with WordPress.

the walt disney company- what is wordpress

3. facebook Newsroom

As you know that facebook is a very popular social media platform around the world. They make this site using WordPress and they share their news and announcements regarding facebook in this site.

facebook newsroom- what is wordpress

4. The Mozilla Blog

Mozilla company shared their updated information about Mozilla Firefox, community, etc on this website which is built with WordPress.

the mozilla blog- what is wordpress

Even government websites use this platform. Let’s see…

5. The White House

The White House website is also powered by WordPress.

The White House


In conclusion, It is already proved that WordPress software is leading on the internet, even well-known companies use WordPress as well.

I think all the doubts are cleared about WordPress. If still, you think that why you should use WordPress?

Then I am showing you some important points to why should you use WordPress?

  • You can choose a custom domain name and web hosting within affordable price from SiteGround or Bluehost,
  • WordPress is an Open source and 100% Free software,
  • Customization of the website is very easy with free themes,
  • Thousands of free plugins enhance your web design,
  • Easily manage your Google Ads anywhere of your website,
  • Manually configure SEO settings for your website,
  • Write blogs in your own language (like- Hindi, Bengali, etc) with WordPress,
  • You can easily secure your WordPress website with free security plugin,
  • You can create an E-commerce website, Affiliate website,
  • Monetize your WordPress website with Google Search console.

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